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Jes.se.com is the official website course built by Jesse Friedman, writer, speaker, author, and growth & experience expert. This website is dedicated to you, the self starter, whom knows it’s more important to launch a clean, secure and intelligently designed website rather than spending years customizing it before launch.

Jesse Friedman has been building websites for 17 years, and exclusively with WordPress since 2006. Since then he has written several books, taught 100’s of students as a professor, and organized dozens of local meetups along with a few WordCamps. He has spoken at tech conferences worldwide and has utilized his expertise as a consultant for small agencies and billion dollar international companies.


“My content is so good I don’t need an unsubscribe button”

Today at Starbucks I had an interesting conversation with a guy who says he “works in marketing”. Guy: “Hey, you look smart. Do you know anything about MailChimp?” Me: “Yeah a bit…” Guy: “Do you know how to remove the unsubscribe button from the bottom of an email?” Me: “Why would you want to?” Guy: …